(Below)Orv-In his period by DRAUGSANG(1997)Thanks again for sharing from his own private collection.

-Orv from DRAUGSANG-Very old stuff from the nineties(Thanks to Orv sharing it from his private collection)

Carla van Huizen(Vocals,LA Ventura)

(This picture from Carla was taken from a private shoot by Manon Koopman. Hair & Make-up Esther Siebers.)

At the start MPR only intended to focus on the Underground Black Metal scene,which changed in 2014,with writing one of those exceptions coming to reviews,being a darn good Gothic/Metal band from the Netherlands,namely LA Ventura,and their excellent record 'White Crow'.Follow the next link to the review http://reviereleases.blogspot.nl/2010/12/reviews.html

I.H. (Vocals)Temple Koludra

Hailing from Germany.Mystic Black Metal/Ambient outfit TEMPLE KOLUDRA.Read a review about their record here http://reviereleases.blogspot.nl/2010/12/reviews.html

One of the better acts from Holland with these Dutch newcomers hailing from Bennekom,Gelderland.Fluisteraars 1st full length 'Dromers'came in as a bomb in the Underground Black Metal scene.

working on a 2nd release.Follow the link to the review coming to their debut 'Dromers'.

Kobold from Old Forest(UK)

D./MRP had  back in time a real good interview with K. about Old Forest and their choice keeping it  to the BM scene from the early nineties,and their choice keeping their style dedicated to those days,and their view upon nowadays Black Metal scene...read more...

Wrath Passion.-Daniel/All Instruments

(Ex-Wrath Passion)-Orv(Draugsang)Vocals

'A Bloodline Ending' (At The Noose Of Redemption). This would be the titletrack of some of the lyrics  I (D / MRP) wrote in the past for the Norwegian Black / Experimental band Wrath Passion.Daniel took the lyrics without hesitation, and was performed by back then Orv (Draugsang) on vocals, and Daniel / all instrumenten.The  track would appear on the high claimed 'A Visit In Hell' as openingstrack under the title 'A Bloodline Ending' . 

-Satanic Tony posing with his guitar-

'Satanic'Tony Sundstrand.A multi-instrumentalist from Sala, Sweden.Being active in the Metal scene since the early 80's, and active in various bands and projects.Here you can find an review back of one of his bands Demorian. 

Metal Artist profile archives. 


Ex-Morbid Death,Ex-Enthroned(bass / vocals), Ex-Dawn Of Crucifixion(bass,backing vocals),Slaughter Messiah (bass / vocals), Horacle(bass)

I had the great privilege of interviewing him after he returned to the metalscene after his departure with his old band Enthroned, and returned back after many years joining Dawn of Crucifixion as bassist/backing vocalist(which he appeared on the debut demo, and performed a number of live shows after many years of pause.) Then he joined the ranks of Slaughter Messiah fronting again.Besides that he is also active in the Heavy metal band HORACLE.


Blodarv (DEN). A band that started as a project by Hugin (vocals / All intruments) back in 1994, but involved in a full-time band in a steady lineup.Through the years they made a huge name for themelves as a band, and especially during live performances.You can find the link to an old interview which i did which Hugin back in the days of 2008  below.

Ascension (GE)-Photoshoot for the 'Burning Tongues'demo 2009 
The interview was then done by me and Mr.Sjoerd.M (Ex Fluisterwoud)

Chainsawtan (Se). Photo session during the 'Demon' tape release, which ended up as a digital release in the Forces of Satan shop, owned by Roger Tiegs (Gorgoroth) 

 In time Chainsawtan established a stable line-up, including a Lifelover / Hypothermia member.

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (GE) Interview with Velnias (guitar) can be found back on the MRPWolfslair.

Dodenkrocht (NL) 1st.era.TERGER (founding member,all instruments)

Dodenkrocht Official Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/DodenkrochtFanpage

Putrid Christ (U.S.) Dorjan behind the drumkit showing his skills.